ISO  9001-2000

In April 2004, Isotec was awarded certification of its Quality System according to the ISO 9001-2000 standards (see attached certificate).

We have made this major investment in order to be able to demonstrate our reliability and professionalism once again to our customers.

We have been doing business in this market for over thirty years and we have earned the trust of many prestigious Companies, always supplying products and services that are technologically on the cutting edge, functionally reliable and of the highest quality.

This new success that we have achieved is further proof of all this: it is the demonstration of a process to constantly improve and update our methods which began, as we have said, many years ago and which certainly has not yet ended.

Our foremost objective remains, and will always remain, our desire to supply our Customers with solutions that are durable and able to satisfy all requests made to us.

Furthermore, we are exceedingly proud to stress that, of the Companies specialised in the design and production of sound-proofing cabins, we are currently one of the very few who have ISO 9001-2000 certification.