Most common areas

Our sound insulating booths are built of:
  • A load –bearing steel structure with profiles that are specially designed to mate with the sound absorbing panels. All supporting profiles are treated with the soundproofing materials used for the panels.
  • Sound absorbing panels in solid and perforated box-type sheet steel containing sound reflecting and sound absorbing materials. The panels are approximately 8 mm in width with an average weight of 35 kg/m2.

The sound reduction levels given on the previous page have been achieved using panels with a core consisting of five accurately calibrated materials in terms of mass, density and compliance.

In the event of machines that are not fully automated, ISOTEC sound insulation booths are available with electro-pneumatic devices that operate the loading hatches at the same speed as the machine.

Our sound insulation booths are designed for fast, easy complete or partial assembly/disassembly:
assembly of a 130 m2 sound insulation booth: two days
assembly of a 70m2 sound insulation booth: one day

- All materials used are classified as non-flammable or self-extinguishing.
- All sound insulation booths come complete with silenced forced air ventilation.
- ISOTEC sound insulation booths are painted and finished to ensure unlimited lifetime.